Practice Segments

Consumer, Enterprise, Technology, Education

Accron Group's current areas of focus continue to include the nurturing of small and medium businesses, from start-up and onwards and we continue to provide management consulting services in marketing, operations, and IT.

Speciafically, we are working with health and fitness, retail, and professional development services clients to improve their online presence and their marketing strategies by tailoring social media strategies, promotions, and events to raise their visibility, competitively position them in their market segments and drive sales.

We have also added education services after realizing that the Great Recession has created an urgency in helping entrepreneurs and employees alike obtain fast and inexpensive access to core competencies in basic business management. We work with your organiztion to tailor seminars and workshops that provide your team with the core competencies you require to grow your business. We also help you find government subsidy funds to promote employment and economic development in the regions in which you operate.

Accron Group is also actively pursuing opportunities in hospitality management, agri-food development, and international business consulting in IT and operations for for business process optimization in a variety of vertical markets and government organizations.

Evolving How we Serve Customers and How we Market to Customers

Nascent in the booming days of the personal computer and the internet, Accron Group developed international roots in product marketing and go-to-market strategies. The Great Recession of 2008 redrew the map of consumer demand and ushered in a new mega-group of consumers - the Millenials. As the market turns from Baby Boomer-focused to focused on Millenials, access to consumer dollars will drastically evolve. Accron Group supports this transition with consulting services in technology, product marketing, and educational services.